With the myriad options organizations now have regarding the physical security of their facilities, there is no excuse to remain vulnerable to a wide range of potential risks and threats. Maybe you don’t think your company is a target for thieves because you don’t have high-value inventory on hand. But high-value “stuff” is not the only reason to secure your facility. Since it is Halloween time, let’s scare ourselves silly by reviewing the potential issues a company might face if it is not adequately secured.

Unauthorized Access: Without secure facilities, you leave yourself wide open to unauthorized individuals gaining access to your premises. Who knows what they want? What will they do? There are so many choices, including theft, vandalism, and data breaches.

Theft and Loss: Even if you don’t have high-value inventory in your facility, you still have equipment and potentially sensitive customer data on-site, right?

Data Breaches: Mostly, we think about cybersecurity regarding data breaches, but what if the bad guys gain physical access to your facility and on-site servers? What kind of damage can be done to your company, including financial losses and potential damage to your reputation

Workplace Violence: We must face the reality that workplace violence is on the rise; whether it is a disgruntled former employee or an angry customer, you are responsible for keeping your employees safe.

Regulatory Compliance: If your organization is subject to regulations regarding the security of sensitive information, you already know you need to secure the facility. But have you reviewed the latest regulations, and are you still fully compliant?

Insurance Costs: You might lower your insurance premiums if you improve your facility’s physical security.

Inverse Technology Solutions provides state-of-the-art access control, security cameras, and surveillance systems. We partner with equipment and software leaders in security, ensuring we always offer the latest technology to our clients. We start with a system design based on your needs and carry through expert deployment and 24/7 monitoring. From an on-premise single location system to a cloud-based system that provides a dashboard to monitor multiple locations, we can tailor your system to your particular requirements.

We have it all: surveillance cameras, intrusion detection systems, access control, and alarm systems. For multi-location clients, we provide centralized monitoring, video management software, remote access control, and integrated access control.

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