If your business has more than one location, there is a good chance that managing your utility expenses is a burden. That is if you’re doing it correctly, AKA the hard way. It can be time-consuming, to say the least, to make sure you’re not being overcharged, which frankly is likely. 

The following are the top 7 tips on effectively managing your utility expenses. Or, if you prefer the easy way, scroll down for just one tip on that. 

THE HARD WAY or 7 Tips How to Effectively Manage Your Utility Expenses

Benchmark and Track Usage:
• Start by benchmarking the utility usage and costs for each location.
• Implement a robust tracking system to monitor utility consumption at each location regularly.

Energy Efficiency Audits:
• Conduct energy efficiency audits at each location to identify areas where energy can be saved.
• Invest in energy-efficient technologies and practices.

Centralized Management:
• Consider centralizing utility management for all locations. This can help streamline operations, negotiate better rates, and ensure consistency in energy-saving practices.

Negotiate Contracts and Rates:
• Negotiate utility contracts and rates with service providers. Multi-location businesses may have more leverage in securing better deals. Consider using an energy broker or consultant to assist with negotiations.

Monitor and Analyze Bills:
• Carefully review utility bills for each location to spot errors, discrepancies, or unusual patterns.

Employee Training and Awareness:
• Train employees at each location on energy-saving practices and conserving resources.

Periodic Review and Reporting:
• Conduct periodic reviews of utility expenses and report the results to management and stakeholders. Highlight cost-saving achievements and areas that require attention.


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