So your technology seems to be humming along just fine, no problems. Everything is operating as it should, and all is good. And you find yourself thinking, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” – right? That strategy probably works okay for your printers and HVAC, but when applied to technology, it can create a significant problem for your business. Let’s discuss how.

KEEPING UP WITH TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS: Computers replaced typewriters long ago. That was an easy technology advancement to spot. However, the advancements that are occurring today may not be so obvious. Technology is constantly evolving and improving. What worked yesterday or even today may not be the most efficient or secure option tomorrow. Failing to keep up can lead to a competitive disadvantage or worse.

SECURITY RISKS ARE INCREASING DAILY: Old technology inherently has vulnerabilities that, if they aren’t patched or updated, can leave your business wide open to security breaches. It’s like leaving your business doors unlocked and hoping no one notices.

INEFFICIENCIES: Just because a technology still “works” doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient or cost-effective option. Outdated systems may result in slower processes, wasted time, and increased operating costs.

COMPATIBILITY PROBLEMS: You might be in for a big surprise when you want to invest in some new hardware or software and discover compatibility issues that can lead to data loss or worse.

USER EXPERIENCE: Have your team members been complaining? Or your customers? Holding onto old technology can reduce productivity and even result in lost customers.

COMPETITIVE DISADVANTAGE: Watch out! While you’re hanging onto the old stuff, your competitors are investing in faster, better, and less costly ways to do business through new technology. It’s a fact of business life these days.

There are other reasons to explore updating your business’ technology, like regulatory compliance or employing skilled techs for your existing systems, but the above are the most mission-critical in how they can and will impact your business.

Do your business a favor and call us to help you review your current technology and identify areas that must be addressed. Procrastination on this can lead to missed opportunities, security risks, inefficiencies, and reduced competitiveness in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. Call us for a free consultation at 800-854-2444 today or visit our website, to learn more.