For those unfamiliar with the term SD-Wan, it is short for Software-Defined Wide Area Network and essentially is a software-defined approach to managing your network. It offers several benefits for organizations seeking to improve network security, connectivity, and management. The following are the benefits our clients appreciate most. 

1 Improved Performance: SD-WAN enables dynamic path selection, allowing traffic to be routed over the best-performing network links in real-time. This aids in application performance and improved user experience. 

2 Cost Savings: Always of interest to any client, SD-WAN can help save money by leveraging less expensive broadband or internet connections while still maintaining performance.

 3 Agility: Because SD-WAN provides centralized network control, it is easier to adapt to changing business requirements. Changes can be executed quickly via software vs. physical reconfiguration. 

4 Security: A significant benefit of SD-WAN can be the often built-in security features such as firewall capabilities and encryption. With cybersecurity threats ever-present and growing, this benefit alone is enough to consider a switch to SD-WAN. 

5 Traffic Prioritization: SD-WAN allows organizations to prioritize traffic based on application or need. This ensures that mission-critical applications always get the bandwidth they need. 

6 Business Continuity: No one likes to think about natural or otherwise disasters impacting our businesses and facilities, but it happens. SD-WAN can provide seamless failover and redundancy capabilities, ensuring that network connectivity remains available even in the event of link failures or outages. 

7  Maximizing Cloud Access: More companies rely on the cloud every day. SD-WAN can provide direct, high-speed connections. And that’s what you want to happen. 

8  Compliance and Reporting: Many SD-WAN solutions offer reporting and analytics capabilities, making it easier to track network usage, ensure compliance with policies, and generate audit reports.

SD-WAN is the next step for many companies. We would be happy to talk with you to identify how your organization may benefit and if it is suitable for your company. Call us at 800-854-2444 or visit and schedule a consultation directly from our website.