Glad you asked! Outsourcing technology expense management can be a smart business move for several reasons. Here are the top three: 

  1. Cost savings: This is a big driver for outsourcing your technology expense management. The savings come in through reduced costs realized by optimizing a business’ technology spending. In addition, experienced TEM providers, like Inverse Technology Solutions, can identify areas where the company is overspending or using outdated technology and recommend cost-effective solutions.
  2. Improved expense tracking: Depending on the organization’s size, tracking and analyzing the large volume of data can be overwhelming to internal staff with other responsibilities and priorities. Outsourcing to a provider tasked to “mind the details” consistently reduces the risk of errors, overcharges, and the like dramatically. (Actually, this benefit usually delivers even more savings!) 
  3. Increased efficiency: Like most services that are routinely outsourced, a key benefit is that you relieve your internal resources of what can often be mundane, time-consuming work to focus on core activities that can improve productivity and even drive more revenue in some cases. 

There are more reasons to outsource your technology expense management, several in fact, but most businesses would cite the three listed as why they took that step. Why not call us to schedule your company’s complimentary audit to discover how much you can save?  We’re an industry leader in technology expense management in the Midwest.  Call us at 800-854-2444 or visit