We have considerable experience in providing IT services to senior living facilities coast to coast. Over the years we’ve worked with them as their needs have changed and provided the best possible solutions, always using the latest technology.  A recent review of what the top three security concerns currently are among senior living facilities varied depending on the specific facility and its location but for the most part the following three were stated as the priorities. 

  1. Physical Security: Physical security has never been more critical.  As the 65 + population continues to grow, with approximately 10% of that population suffering from dementia or Alzhiemers, ensuring their safety is mission critical.  Senior living facilities are well aware of their responsibility to these folks; from preventing them from unauthorized facility exits to protecting them from allowing outside threats such as physical harm, theft or otherwise. Technology has come a long way in helping facilities protect their residents with secured entrances and exits, properly functioning surveillance systems, adequate lighting in common areas and parking lots, and trained security personnel or staff members.
  2. Resident Safety: The safety of the residents within senior living facilities is also a high priority. Staff members should be vigilant in preventing accidents, falls, or injuries. This includes maintaining a safe and well-maintained environment, conducting regular inspections for potential hazards, implementing emergency response protocols, and ensuring appropriate staffing levels to provide prompt assistance to residents.
  3. Cybersecurity: With the increasing reliance on technology in senior living facilities, cybersecurity has become a critical concern. These facilities often handle sensitive personal and medical information, making them potential targets for cyberattacks. Protecting residents’ electronic health records, financial data, and other confidential information is crucial. Robust cybersecurity measures such as firewalls, encryption, regular software updates, strong password policies, and staff training on recognizing and avoiding phishing attempts are essential for safeguarding against cyber threats.

Inverse Technology Solutions works closely with our senior living facility clients to ensure both the staff and the residents are protected from threats, physical or cyber. We offer security and control access systems for the physical well-being of resident and staff. And to ensure our clients enjoy the very latest in protection from cyberattacks we have partnered with a US-based leading firm to ensure that together we keep these facilities safe. Bottom line, senior living facilities have special needs regarding security and Inverse Technology is happy to help but really any business should take security and cybersecurity seriously. If you have concerns and would like to talk about your risks give us a call. We’re happy to talk about solutions that will meet your needs. You can reach us at 800-854-2444 or visit www.inversetech.com