With more than 870 telecommunications providers in the USA alone, it is not surprising that the variety and complexities of their invoices are enough to make your head spin. Does each carrier try to confuse customers? It seems like it doesn’t it? Their terminology alone is baffling. 

How can a company, particularly one with multiple locations and employees (using mobile devices) all over the country, keep track of it all AND make sure they’re getting a good deal? Unless that company has a dedicated individual to manage everything, it’s almost impossible. Here are a few ways the telecom providers challenge customers who want to know if they’re getting a fair deal.

Bundle plans are supposedly designed to provide more cost-effective services, but in reality, they make it more difficult for companies to accurately compare pricing and or to disconnect any of the services within the bundle.

Pricing Structure The telecom companies like to mix it up, don’t they? Data usage, texting, minutes, limits, and charges, oh my!

Taxes and fees They have you coming and going on surcharges, taxes, regulatory fees, and more. What’s what? Are they based on location? Usage? Who knows if they’re being overcharged? 

Equipment charges Some telecoms want you to rent their equipment. If you buy your own and there is a problem, their first response will be to blame your equipment. If you rent their equipment and it goes down, you must lug it in for replacement. What is the smartest thing to do about the equipment? Who knows?

Bill Layout and Presentation: Read just one provider’s bill and determine if you’re being overcharged. It’s a challenge. Now compare several providers’ bills to one another; good luck with that.

What’s the answer? It’s actually simple. Contact a telecom expense management company, like Inverse Technology Solutions, for help. It’s what we do for clients coast to coast to ensure the telecom providers don’t get the better of them. We know all the ins and outs of how the providers negotiate, bill, renew, and more. 

It would be an honor to work with you to help you identify how much your providers are overcharging you in fees, incorrect rates, unused services, undelivered rebates, and more. We have the experience and the expertise to identify the problems and implement changes quickly so you save money. Call us to discuss. 800-854-2444 or