Auditing Services – Technology & Utility Expense

We provide hands-on tech, telecom, and utility auditing services to our SMBs through enterprise-level clients to help them reduce costs. We also offer consulting and management services to help make adjustments, negotiate new contracts, source new providers, and help enhance productivity and efficiencies.

Our proprietary software – powered by Audit-Tel, is the foundation for having saved our clients millions of dollars over the years through our Technology Expense Auditing and Managing Services (TEM).

Our goal for our clients is always technology cost reduction, and we achieve that by using our proprietary software powered by Audit-Tel. We follow a step-by-step, risk-free process to help our clients reduce costs while often identifying ways to optimize their technology for enhanced productivity, greater efficiency, and future growth. Our telecom audit begins with Step 1, consultation with the client.

Step 1


As a leader in technology expense management, we know the first step is to consult with our clients to understand their current challenges and requirements and their short and long-term business goals, including planned expansions. Our eye is always on how to help our clients optimize their technology spend – that is, to not overspend but to always seek improved productivity. More for less. This intel allows us to accurately assess the current status and costs while remaining focused on what will be needed in the years to come to support their growth.

Step 2


Our next step is a comprehensive assessment of the overall spending – on technology, telecommunications & utility. As we uncover opportunities for cost savings, we often uncover opportunities to improve performance, embrace best practices, minimize security risks, and more. We’re happy to share our findings as we go along because, as always, our goal is technology cost reduction. The following are just some of what our experts look for while conducting the assessment.

  • Improved rate and tariffs applications
  • Special-contracts compliance
  • Misdirected billing
  • Duplicate charges or billings
  • Billing for removed services
  • Inappropriate taxes
  • Excessive CLEC surcharges
  • Unauthorized services
  • Billing for unused services
  • Unregulated charges

Step 3


It isn’t enough to just think we’ve uncovered opportunities; often, during this step, we even dispatch technicians to the client’s facility (ies) to confirm and validate our findings. Once validated, we assemble our recommendations for maximum technology expense savings and performance optimization to support the client’s technology and business objectives, short and long-term. This is the basis for the Savings & Productivity Action Plan.

Step 4


Once the Savings & Productivity Action Plan (customized to each client’s specific technology needs) is reviewed and approved – implementation (and cost reductions) can begin. Essentially, it is a: “terminate and migrate to greater effectiveness and cost efficiencies” process. Cost reductions may come in the form of re-negotiated contracts. Efficiencies might be achieved by eliminating redundancies. There are many ways we help clients reduce costs and improve productivity – each client’s Savings & Productivity Action Plan is unique.

Step 5

Monitor & Manage

Once implemented, our Managed Services team will monitor 24/7 to ensure savings continue. Our tech and telecom bill management services will provide peace of mind, knowing you don’t have to worry about being overcharged by your service providers again.

Complete assessments, from our risk-free financial audits through a comprehensive review of a client’s hardware and software performance, best practices, cybersecurity risks, and more, are available upon request.