We provide state-of-the-art access control systems and security camera systems, and surveillance. We start with a system design based on a customer’s needs and carry through expert deployment and 24/7 monitoring. Consider us your expert security partner.

From an on-premise single location system to a cloud-based system that provides a dashboard to monitor multiple locations, we can tailor your system to your particular requirements.

Your security needs depend on the type of your business, its size, location, and other factors. The following are security considerations for single-location firms and multi-location organizations.

Single-Location Business:

Surveillance Cameras:

Security cameras can be strategically placed throughout your premises to monitor entry and exit points and critical areas inside. Systems can provide high-resolution video if needed, as well as monitoring capabilities.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS):

We can install motion sensors, door/window contacts, and glass break detectors to detect unauthorized access. You can choose the type of alarm triggers and notifications you want.


Access Control:

Access control has become increasingly important in healthcare, education, and government buildings. These allow you to restrict entry to authorized personnel only. Key cards, fingerprint or facial recognition, or keypad entry are some access techniques.

Alarm Systems:

Again, clients may choose audible or silent alarms based on their industry, location, etc.

Multi-Site Business:

Centralized Monitoring:

The cloud-based dashboard, which allows monitoring of multiple locations, is the way to go here.

Video Management Software (VMS):

Another essential security tool is VMS, designed to manage and analyze video feeds from cameras at various sites.

Remote Access:

We highly recommend remote access because it puts you in control and allows you to respond to security incidents wherever you are.

Integrated Access Control:

Just like the single location access control. Integrated access control can be managed centrally but applied to all sites ensuring consistent security protocols.

Inverse Technology Solutions has partnered with some of the US’s leading security providers. Our job is to ensure that your security system is the right solution for your business.