Inverse Technology has been providing tech/telecom services to clients for decades. We’re experts. We have a well-honed process. First, we perform a comprehensive audit of a client’s relevant service providers’ costs and then dig in to discover ways to reduce or eliminate them. We review various charges, including but not limited to the internet, telephone, mobile, utilities, and waste removal. 

88% SAVINGS: We’ll admit we get excited about the big savings clients can take to their bottom line almost immediately. Some clients have reduced their costs by as much as 88%. Crazy! You can see why we are thrilled to deliver that kind of news. But one beneficial aspect of our services related to ongoing tech/telecom management is often overlooked, even by us. What is it? 

PUT THE CLIENT IN THE FINANCIAL DRIVERS’ SEAT: When we manage a client’s tech/telecom expenses, their internal staff is freed up to focus on priorities, and the company can manage the costs much more effectively. They can identify expense trends for current budgets and develop more meaningful forecasts. It puts the client in the “financial driver’s seat.” And they love it. No more worries about being taken advantage of by service providers. 

No more sneaky “auto-renew” contracts that come as a big, usually bad, surprise. No more paying for more than you need. It’s freeing in terms of peace of mind that controls are in place. We like to think of it as “results beyond results”- or maybe getting more than you paid for, and we love delivering that value. 

In closing, just a reminder. 99% of businesses pay too much for their tech/telecom services. It’s a fact. And those service providers will never proactively suggest ways to cut their bills to you. Of course not. As long as you keep paying them month after month, they’ll be pleased. Let’s work together to find out how much you can save upfront and how we’ll take care of it so you’ll never be overcharged again. Sound good? Call us at 800-854-2444 or visit