New Client Engagement

With our new client engagement, we believe our clients should dictate how they want to work with us. Some choose to start with our complimentary money-saving audit, others want us to begin managing their technology expenses immediately (identifying cost reductions over time) and others need our IT services like Voice/VoIP, Cybersecurity, or Help Desk.

Start With a Money-Saving Audit

Our detailed technology audit (and utility audit, if applicable), is conducted using our proprietary software, powered by Audit-Tel. We identify opportunities for IMMEDIATE technology cost reductions, as well as ways the client can improve processes and productivity.

Our Step-By-Step Process is:





Monitor and Manage

IT Services

Our IT services are available on-demand or on an ongoing basis. Sometimes a new client has an immediate and urgent need for our best-in-class IT services such as break-fix, cabling or access control monitoring. Our experts are ready to jump in, assess and deliver.

Our IT services include:


Project Management

Security – Single or Multi-Location


Network Infrastructure & Structured Cabling

Managed Services/Support

Vendor/Carrier Management

Technology Expense Management Services

Our TEM (Technology Expense Management) services are available to any size company, from SMBs to Enterprise level. We know it is difficult to manage all the incoming invoices for ongoing telecom, technology, and utility expenses, especially for multiple locations when there are local, regional and national providers, regulations, taxes, etc. Managing and monitoring service contracts can be a major undertaking. We not only manage it all but often identify ways to reduce expenses while improving productivity.

Typical cost reductions we uncover include:

Duplicate Charges or Billing

Billing for Removed or Unused Services

Inappropriate Taxes

Excessive CLEC Surcharges

Unauthorized Services

Unregulated Charges