Some business owners view technology as an added cost. The following provides information about how it can reduce your operating costs, saving you money. Take a look and see what might help your business reduce costs.  

Replace Your POTs Line: POTs (Plain Old Telephone) lines are going away fast. These landline dinosaurs are limited in their features, and the local phone companies don’t want to support them anymore. They are raising their monthly costs to customers still using them. So, lose the POTs lines now and switch to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). You’ll likely pay less while getting better services with more features your business can use. 

Switch to Cloud Computing: If your business still uses on-premise servers, consider switching to the cloud for storage, software, and infrastructure. Eventually, those servers will fail … start planning to move to the cloud. You’ll only pay for the resources you need. 

Energy Management SystemsInstall energy management systems that automatically control heating, cooling, and lighting, helping you reduce utility costs.

Consider Partnering with a Managed Services Provider: If you are debating whether to hire another IT staff member to help manage your IT infrastructure, take a look at using the services of a managed services provider. Not only could you save money, but you’ll be tapping into an organization that can be a rich resource for the latest in technology services to save you even more. 

Security and SurveillanceInvest in security technology, such as surveillance cameras and alarm systems, to prevent theft and reduce insurance costs.

Outsource TEM Services: While not technically a technology solution, hiring a TEM Services Provider (tech/telecom and utility expense management) can save your business a significant amount, particularly if you have multiple locations. These organizations manage and monitor your expenses and ensure you are not overpaying for services such as internet, phone, or utility services.  

Inverse Technology Solutions would be happy to help you review the above tactics and determine which might help you improve your bottom line. Just a few, such as switching to VoIP and using our TEM services, can make a big impact. Call us at 800-854-2444 or visit to learn more about our services.