Are you a reactive or a proactive business owner? Maybe your answer is, “That depends on the situation”… that makes sense. In this case, we’d like to make a case for why being proactive regarding your technology is the best approach.  

Hiring an IT services company like Inverse Solutions for “break-fix” services makes good business and economic sense.  

First, let’s define “break-fix” for those not familiar with the industry term. Break-fix services are typically used when an organization needs help with repairing or resolving specific IT issues as they arise.

Here are eight solid reasons to consider bringing us in before you need us …

 1. SPEED: When you have already developed a relationship with Inverse, we can respond quicker since we’ll be familiar with your systems, infrastructure, equipment, etc. No need to bring us up to speed. Get things back up and running quickly.

2. COST-EFFECTIVE: There is no need to maintain a full-time, in-house IT team. Let us be your team, ready when you need us to help.

3. EXPERTISE: Even large in-house IT staffs struggle to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest technology. Nothing moves more quickly than technology – let us maintain that high level of expertise, ready to be tapped by you whenever you need us.

4. SCALABILITY: As your business grows and your needs change, we will keep pace, ensuring that your technology doesn’t slow you down. In addition to break-fix, we offer a full range of IT solutions designed to help keep you competitive.

5. PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: Many clients also like to take advantage of our experience in helping businesses prevent problems before they start. We can monitor your systems and identify potential issues before they cause real problems, resulting in less downtime.

6. REDUCED DOWNTIME: By having us on standby, ready to take action, you’ll enjoy less downtime. If your business relies heavily on technology, this can be a huge benefit that impacts your bottom line.

7. FLEXIBILITY: Another key benefit is that you can use our break-fix services as little or as much as you like. If you have a small IT staff, you might want to determine in advance what kinds of issues they will handle and when it is appropriate to call us in for help. It is up to you – we’re totally flexible based on your needs.

8. SECURITY: The latest statistics show that 50% of SMBs have experienced a cyberattack in the past year. That’s a scary statistic, isn’t it? By working with an IT company like Inverse, which can provide a full range of services to keep your business safe, you are heading off problems before they begin. Gone are the days of relying on online software to protect your data. That’s a risk you shouldn’t take. 

From saving money to saving time to preventing cyberattacks … it makes excellent business sense to reach out to Inverse Technology Solutions today before you need us. Don’t wait until you have a problem. Call 800-854-2444 today to take the first step. Or visit our website to learn more.