An increasing number of companies are taking advantage of the cloud and tapping integrated telecom/data solutions. Two major reasons are cost-savings and improved productivity. It is worth your consideration if you haven’t made the move yet. If you’re thinking about it, know that you have a couple of choices about how to proceed. First, you can go directly to a single carrier and work with them, or you can work with what is called a “supplier-neutral” IT services provider (which is what Inverse Technology Solutions is) to make the move. 

There are big differences between those two choices; check out the chart below for some key

considerations before deciding.

Do You Want…Will the Direct-to-Carrier Deliver?
Will the Supplier-Neutral IT Services Provider Deliver?

Access to unlimited supplier options to best meet your company’s needs?


You are limited to only what they can provide


Infinite possibilities across many carriers.

Expert negotiating skills, ensuring your business gets the best contract rates?


You’re one company dealing with one carrier; your leverage is virtually non-existent.


Supplier-neutral IT services providers have strong, well-established relationships with most major carriers that can be leveraged to your advantage when it comes to your contract negotiations.

Confidence that the proposed solution is the best possible solution for your business, your future growth and your budget?


Direct carriers can ONLY offer what’s available from their limited menu of solutions. They may say it is the best, but really, it is only the best they can do. Not necessarily what is best for your company.


Working with a supplier-neutral IT services provider ensures you’re getting the best of their thinking and experience; think of them as your trusted advisor who will only recommend a customized solution that is genuinely best for your company.

A single point of contact?


If you have one location or a few locations all working with one carrier … then yes. But if you have several sites, in different parts of the country, the answer is probably no. This forces you to deal with multiple companies.


Your supplier-neutral IT services provider is your one point of contact regardless of how many locations you have or where they are. They can manage, monitor and respond to issues or concern no matter where or when.

A long-term relationship with experts who understand your business and its needs?


The account manager you talked to six months ago, even three months ago has probably moved on. You get to start over with someone new.


Supplier-neutral IT services companies have a vested interest in you and your business. They understand the importance of long term client relationships and work to minimize job hopping seen with carriers.

From our perspective, the choice is clear.  As a supplier-neutral IT services provider with experience, expertise and solid relationships with all the major carriers, why take a chance by working with just one carrier? Call us at 800-854-2444 or visit to talk about taking advantage of cloud solutions and integrated/telecom solutions. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.