We have partnered with a US-based, leading cybersecurity firm to ensure that we help our clients keep their businesses safe from cyber attacks. As organizations manage increasingly remote workforces (via mobile phones, laptops, and tablets), they are exposed to a greater variety of cybersecurity and cloud security threats than ever before. 

With our partner, we work to prevent network-based and social-based cyber attacks.

Together we offer a range of comprehensive solutions to safeguard your entire IT environment.

It’s important to know that these solutions are not cookie-cutter but customized to your unique situation and needs. We always aim to provide the end-to-end protection you need while relieving your internal team from the security burden.

As your cybersecurity provider, we know it is not a “one and done.” Our team stays on the job 24/7. As cybersecurity tools evolve, so do the cyber threats to our clients. We are committed to always staying ahead and proactively safeguarding your IT environment.

Cyber threats include:


The number of work-from-home employees and 1099 contractors was already at an all-time high before the Covid-19 pandemic. It has skyrocketed since and remains high. These individuals each can represent an “open door” to threats if all precautions are not taken.


Recent surveys have shown that the average organization uses five clouds. Gone are the days when servers were on-site and easily reached, and security issues were quickly addressed. While working in the cloud has many advantages, it has increased cyber risk.

Another real and present danger of cyber attacks is through your company email and employees.


It is said that 91% of all cyber attacks start with a phishing email. It is critical to have a best-in-breed email security provider to stop harmful malware in its tracks. BEFORE it gets in. So whether your email users are on-site or remote, leveraging the security “gate” should be a priority for all companies.


While security measures are necessary, companies still need to be able to count on their employees to “keep the gates closed.” That’s why we provide security awareness training for our client’s employees and provide them with the information they need to recognize threats. As hackers are becoming more sophisticated in their efforts, training users to spot a phishing email is more important than ever. It only takes one click on one email.

Together with our cybersecurity partner, we are committed to keeping your organization safe. Call today to schedule an assessment of your risks and our solutions.