Ask yourself the following 11 questions about your business’s current level of technology. How many can you honestly say you are up-to-date on? How many are you behind on, and what impact might that have on your company’s productivity, profitability, security, or growth potential? 

  1. Hardware and Software Infrastructure: Are your computers, servers, and networking equipment up-to-date, AND are you using the latest versions of essential software and operating systems? (And by the way, are your software licenses current and compliant?)

  2. Website and Online Presence: Is your website mobile-responsive and user-friendly, AND do you actively manage and update your website content?

  3. Data Security: Do you have the appropriate cybersecurity measures in place, and are you routinely updating and patching your systems to protect against vulnerabilities?

  4. Employee Security Training: Are your employees routinely educated about cybersecurity best practices? It only takes one click on one email to open the door to hackers.

  5. Cloud and Remote Work: Are you taking advantage of cloud computing while leveraging its benefits to allow employees to work remotely securely?

  6. Customer Engagement: Do you offer customers online or automated service options, like chatbots or virtual assistants, and are you using data analytics to better understand and serve your customers?

  7. E-commerce and Online Sales: If appropriate, do you have a secure and reliable e-commerce platform for online sales with payment processing?

  8. Automation and AI: Are you automating repetitive tasks and processes to free up human resources for more important work?

  9. Supply Chain and Inventory Management: Have you incorporated technology into your systems for real-time inventory tracking?

  10. Environmental Sustainability: Are you doing your part to minimize energy consumption in the workplace, reduce paper usage, and implement eco-friendly practices?

  11. Competitive Analysis: Are you staying on top of your competitors’ tech strategies and industry trends?

How did you do in our quiz? Admittedly, technology is ever-changing. It is challenging to keep up. Depending on your unique business, some technologies are more critical than others. For example, if you retain customer data, including financials like credit cards, it is mission-critical that you maintain the highest level of security to prevent a breach. We’ve all heard the news reports about large retailers and others who have been hacked and even held ransom. You can’t risk it – it can put your business out of business. Which of the above questions made you the most “uncomfortable?” Was it customer service? Security? Cloud computing? Whatever it is, we can help bring your business’s technology to what it needs to be. 

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