Glad you asked! Outsourcing technology expense management can be a smart business move for several reasons. Here are the top three:

Question #1 – Is the volume of support requests becoming too much for your internal team to handle? Or maybe they’re handling the requests but not promptly? Is your abandonment rate rising? Are customer complaints increasing? If you’re nodding, you can skip the other two questions. You already know what you should do. And it would help if you did it before it has a negative impact on your bottom line.

Question #2 – Is your internal team sometimes (or often) lacking the expertise to handle certain types of support requests? Why try to hire every skill and experience that might be needed? That’s what outsourcing is for – let the provider maintain the needed bench strength.

Question #3 – Are you debating a BIG investment in expensive technology and infrastructure to support your internal team? If so, consider that it may all be outdated in a few short years. Was it a good investment? Or would it be wiser to let someone else invest in the technology and reinvest in a few years? If it isn’t your core business, why drain the coffers for it?

Let’s be realistic. Simply answering these three questions isn’t the “magic bullet.” There are other considerations when outsourcing any function. But the answers should help you recognize the need to take the next step. Again, talking with an experienced Help Desk provider, like Inverse Technology Solutions, will help clarify the pros and cons of outsourcing.

You’ll learn the outsourcing process from beginning to end and understand the costs of doing so and the potential savings. It doesn’t cost anything to talk to us. So let’s explore your options. We are one of the Midwest’s leading IT services providers. Feel free to call us at 1-800-854-2444 or visit our website,

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