Our Clients Drive Our IT Services

We are a privately-held company with a long history (since 1974) of continued growth, expansion, and evolution as we add the services and expertise our clients need to be successful.

We began as Audit-Tel, quickly becoming the leading provider of financial telecom management services in the retail industry using our proprietary software. Over the years we have added healthcare, property management, and other clients to our portfolio. These clients have come to rely on us to deliver software solutions, money-saving audits, and expense management services.

As we grew we were being asked to provide an ever-expanding range of services, so we founded Inverse Technology Solutions to deliver on those needs. And, like Audit-Tel, Inverse Technology Solutions has also grown and now provides a full range of services.

Today our unique suite of business solutions are available to all clients. Clients who originally hired us to help them save money with proprietary expense auditing software, powered by Audit-Tel, have since come to rely on us for IT services as well.  And clients who tapped our expertise in IT services are now enjoying savings having taken advantage of our technology expense audits and management.

Our two companies are now one:

Inverse Technology Solutions.



(Single or Multi-Location)


Vendor/Carrier Management

(Partnering with leading nationwide providers)

(TEM) Technology Expense Management Services

Project Management

(For single or multi-site coordination and deployment)

Network Infrastructure & Structured Cabling

Managed Services / Support

(Help Desk, Break-Fix, Nationwide Dispatch, and more)

Money-Saving Audits