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Technology Expense Management

Inverse Technology Solutions further supports your technology needs with:

  • Proprietary technology audit software – powered by Audit-Tel.
  • Utility expense management services
  • IT services like cabling, helpdesk, VoIP and network solutions.

Technology Expense Management (TEM)

Our experience in Technology Expense Management (TEM) goes back to the very beginning. We developed the most efficient methods, including our proprietary software, to manage our clients’ telecom, technology, and utility expenses. Inverse Technology’s continuous improvement policy means we follow best practices to ensure clients never overpay for services while maintaining excellent credit ratings.

Technology savings


Auditing Services

We have decades of experience in TEM (Technology Expense Management) and we offer a risk-free expense audit that allows us to track down the myriad of ways clients are overpaying for services. Once identified and corrected, we can then monitor and manage on an ongoing basis, ensuring our clients never overpay again.


Over the years our 5-step proven process has been applied countless times; and has resulted in saving our clients millions of dollars.

Utility Savings

Utility Expense Management Services

A growing number of our technology expense management clients are asking us to manage their utility expenses as well. It makes sense. Since the energy market deregulation, there are  more energy choices to reduce cost and rates, making it a bigger challenge than ever to manage your utility providers.

Information technology

IT Services

Inverse Technology Solutions provides as-needed or ongoing technology services to clients in a wide range of industries including healthcare, retail, and property management among others. Whatever your need or your industry, we consistently deliver what we call “healthcare industry standard” service, meaning we are highly responsive, reliable, and knowledgeable. Serving SMB through enterprise scale.


We partner with the leading nationwide providers such as Spectrum, Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon to ensure our clients have the lowest possible rates and the best possible service. 


For single or multi-site coordination and deployment.


We provide state-of-the-art access control systems and security camera systems and surveillance.


We provide network infrastructure and cabling to a wide range of clients; from SMB to enterprise level. From initial consult and assessment through design and deployment.


From new installations to updates, from SMB to enterprise, our experienced team is ready to help with your voice needs. We provide on-premise, cloud and mobile solutions.


Our managed services can provide the level of support your organization needs to maintain productivity and peak efficiency.


We have partnered with a US-based, leading cybersecurity firm to ensure that together we help our clients keep their businesses safe from cyber attacks.

About Inverse Technology Solutions

We began as Audit-Tel, quickly becoming the leading provider of financial telecom management services in the retail industry using our proprietary software. Over the years we have added healthcare, property management, and other clients to our portfolio. These clients have come to rely on us to deliver software solutions, money-saving audits, and expense management services.

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